Monday, 21 March 2016

Clarity challenge - Lily

This months entry uses Lily, in fact my first outing with this stamp, and also inspired by the Jo Rice workshop I attended earlier this month.

First stamp Lily and the Butterfly Tree.  (The tree was coloured on the stamp using craft creative ink sticks, which enabled me to colour the trees and butterflies independently.)  I then masked the top and bottom borders with post-it notes, then masked Lily with the Clarity mask.  I then used brushes to create the sky and hills, using the ripped paper technique.

To colour Lily, I used the outside of the mask, and also made the outline of each layer of the dress, so that the pattern would not run over different layers!  First a light pink base coat brush covered the whole dress area, then stamped.  The stamp I used for the dress is a Clarity Butterfly stamp which I don't think is available anymore, let's just say when I bought it I also got a VHS video called "The art of transparent stamping" by Barbara Santerelli (photo also attached below)!  The rest of Lily was coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils, with shading added over the stamped dress to emphasise the folds of the dress and edges.  The tree was enhanced with Spectrum Noir pencils, as I was not happy seeing the hill outline behind the tree.

To add more interest to the hill, I lightly flicking a green pencil over the edge of more ripped paper.  Finally I removed the post-its and drew a pencil line long the line of the post-it mask, adding blobs at random intervals for interest.  Then, when I thought I had finished, I decided to add the dimension of a separate Butterfly from the Butterfly Tree set, with its wings lifted off the card; this was coloured with the same pallette as Lily's dress.

Here's the video, it's dated 2002!  Been a fan for many years!
And here's the old butterfly stamp I used for Lily's dress, it measures 28mm across so rather magnified below!  Looks more like a flower on her dress, but the idea was it would continue the Butterfly theme from the Butterfly Tree!