Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Paper piecing

I was inspired to create this card as an entry for the Clarity Stamp challenge.  I selected 5 different papers that showed a range of hues of similar colours.  The elegant lady was stamped on each paper, then the hat and dress were cut out.  Here I have a couple of tips, 1. don't cut the gloves from the dress section until you are ready to glue 2. Don't sneeze after you have cut the gloves from the dress!  Guess how I know!

Then came the task of lining up the ladies on the base card, so that they could be dressed in the graduated papers.  As my elegant lady is from some years ago, she is fixed to a handle, so I decided to scratch a mark on the handle in the centre top and bottom, this enabled me to place a pencil mark to more accurately position them.  

The centre plaque was created by masking over the ladies with 2 large post-it's then applying 2 shades of distress green and over stamping with the crackle stamp in a contrasting raspberry, using the technique of holding the stamp in your hand, rather than securing to a handle, and using 2nd and 3rd generations of ink.

Then the ladies needed grounding so I shaded a puddle under each lady imagining the light source above.