Friday, 23 December 2016

Clarity Challenge - December 2016 - Christmas Carol or Joy

Once again Christmas has arrived without enough notice!  I'm late finishing off cards and only delivered the last ones last night!

Not a Carol, but a very Christmassy poem, so hope it counts! We have a teddy that narrates this poem, his mouth moves and head moves side to side as though he is reading it; he has brought joy to many who have seen him!

The following 3 cards were created using the same technique, central stamp embossed and coloured, then covered with a post-it, so that the background shading could frame it; then post-it removed and thr 2 different styles of outline added.

The odd shadow effects on the following card, was caused by the daylight lamp, but the card was sealed up and sent before I realised the photo was not so good!  However I included it as I liked the way the mice were peeping!  This technique, of cutting in to the card and tucking in the image behind it, was inspired by Barbara Grays technique with the letterbox stamps.